NatWest 'reverse vending machines' to turn unused bank cards into clothing

NatWest 'reverse vending machines' to turn unused bank cards into clothing

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NatWest now launches pioneering Reverse Vending Machines with Reborn to help Londoners reduce plastic pollution. I am so pleased to finally announce that we have been working with NatWest on this project for 2 years through multiple pilots and now you can start using RVMs that not only recycle bottles but securely recycle your debit cards.

According to a recent report by NatWest Group, Brits have sent over 76 million plastic cards, or 380 tonnes of waste, to landfill in the past year. This shocking figure highlights the need for urgent action to address the growing problem of plastic waste.

The report found that the majority of plastic cards sent to landfill are credit and debit cards. Traditionally these cards are made from a type of plastic called polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is not biodegradable and takes hundreds of years to break down. When these cards are sent to landfill, they release harmful chemicals into the environment, polluting the air, water, and soil. 

  • New research from the bank reveals 65 million unused plastic cards are gathering dust in UK homes
  • Confusion over whether plastic cards are recyclable has contaminated 10.2 million batches of recycling
  • NatWest is calling on Londoners to recycle their old plastic cards, card readers and bottles using the new machines, located at Victoria Place, Canary Wharf Shopping Centre and in partnership with the NHS at Thomas and Guys Hospital


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